I have a generalist set of 3D and 2D skills which complements my enthusiasm for being involved across multiple aspects of a project. This stems from a passion to develop and improve the quality of my work across multiple disciplines, so I am always eager to learn new workflows and creative softwares.

I enjoy working as part of a team and strongly believe the best work is achieved through shared experience and collaborating with others.

Posted below are some examples of professional and personal projects i have worked on.

---------- TRULYSOCIAL ----------

Technical Artist

TulySocial Ltd, London

VC funded, casual mobile games studio. Focus on building “Contemporary Social World” games for female audiences. Worked on the project "Hugs". An immersive, role-playing social world game blending high-fashion, lifestyle content, celebrity narrative with an aim of building relationships with AI characters.

Gameplay Video:

Avatar System:

Character customization was a big feature in the game and character rigs needed to be able to support changing Facial Features, Hairstyles, Tops, bottoms, Shoes, Acessories etc, as well as play animations.
Below is an example of a character avatar switching through some clothing options:


2D/3D Rig:

To bring more life to our 2D characters in game, we wanted the animations to be expressive and have a 3D quality.
We initially looked into 'Spine' for Unity which does just that, but we also needed to have a workflow in place that was easy for our outsource artists to use, as well as being fully customisable for our avatar system.
To overcome these obstacles I began to develop a custom rig for Maya that could support a full facial rig and have controls to bring a 3D quality of motion to flat planes.

Shaders & Materials work:

To enhance the appeal of the clothing options for the character customisations, we developed a number of materials in Maya to simulate different textures and effects.
Examples of avatar decorations created using materials:

To maximize the usability of our texture assets and avoid bloating build size with duplicate textures, I developed some custom unity shaders that allow re-colouring texture channels to create variations for avatar customisations. Custom shaders were also created for other features such as Skin Colour, Makeup Colours and Hair Colours.

UI animation:

A compilation of some of the UI animation and effects animation i worked on for the game.

---------- FRAMESTORE----------

Matchmove Artist

A compilation of shots from my time at Framestore as a Lead Matchmove Artist.
Full credit list: IMDB/AlexanderCameron(iii)

---------- PERSONAL WORK ----------


Exploring some more realistic modelling in Zbrush and Maya as well as lighting using a linear workflow with Mental ray.


Wanted to model a pug for the challenge of the complex facial folds and wrinkles.

Pikachu Z Sculpt:

Finn from Adventure time, model and rig:

Trying out a ribbon joint type of rig for bendy arm character.

Finn Rig:

Low poly Inuit model:

Low poly mountain ram model:

---------- 2D ARTWORK ----------